A Satisfied Customer.

In the not too distant past, when a young lady wished to register her bridal silver, she would go to the local jeweler, where she was probably known to the owner, as her family had been purchasing their sterling there for many years. The jeweler would provide information on the various patterns and serving pieces available, the difference between luncheon, dinner or place sizes and answer questions as to the history of the many designs. Then he would wrap it and have it delivered next door or across the country. For the most part these personal services no longer exist, particularly if a discontinued silver pattern is needed.

We at Pillsbury-Michel have been selling antique silver and matching discontinued sterling patterns for over twenty years. With the opening of our shop in Houston, we quickly became aware of the need for a silver shopping service that included all of the above plus new sterling flatware and plated hollowware pieces as well. Our goal is to see to it that our customers have all of the information they need in order to make the appropriate and correct decisions in their silver purchases and for our customers to be satisfied with their investments for years to come.

Some Responses to Frequent Comments:

"I can always expect to find something different at Pillsbury-Michel"

Customers often comment about the large variety of items in our inventory. The greatest percentage of our silver goes home for use at the table. We do however, have a number of fine antique pieces in museum and private collections around the country. In order to maintain this variety we do over ten antique shows a year from Chicago to Baltimore, New York to Florida... In addition to our shopping in these areas, we are often asked to consider the purchase of interesting pieces from individuals and other dealers. We also constantly search for pieces specifically requested by our customers, from a single teaspoon to an antique tea and coffee service with tray and kettle-on-stand.

"Your silver is in such great condition."

We hear this often. It's not surprising because we invest a great deal of time in each piece before it is offered to our customers. Prior to purchasing a piece of silver, we go over it carefully to determine if it is of the quality that we wish to offer our customers or if significant restoration will be needed to bring it up to our standards. Antique silver is treated somewhat differently than estate silver and must therefore be given special consideration. All pieces are cleaned by hand, and inspected thoroughly before being placed in the inventory.

"Disposing of our
unused silver through Pillsbury-Michel
was a wise decision".


In order to sell silver, we also have to buy it. An important part of our business is appraising and locating individual pieces. Our trained staff includes personnel well-versed in 18th and 19th century English and European silver as well as 20th century sterling flatware patterns and silverplate hollowware. Mr. Pillsbury is a member of the Appraisers Association of America since 1976, the year of our company's incorporation. Our customers are often surprised with our generous purchase prices. We do some regional shows, and therefore we are able to buy items in one location knowing they are highly sought after in another.

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